1984, 2016

If you want a picture of the future, imagine someone bent over themselves trying to suck their own cock, failing, and crying, while corporations stick antidepressants, viagra, and muscle relaxers up their butt, forever.


Aside: it’s funny to try to piece together everything that led me to come up with the quip above.
The overall sentence structure is an obvious adaptation from Orwell and Nineteen Eighty-Four; however, Scott Alexander from Slate Star Codex sometimes uses it, which is what brought it to the top of my mind, since I don’t have the original quote very present anymore; the reference to autofellatio comes from a common question asked by Richard Herring to his guests in RHLSTP; t
he bit about corporations (read: “the economy”, “society”, “the system”, “Moloch”, whatever) working as an enabler and promoter of this behavior is a pet theme of David Wong’s from Cracked; so is narcissism, but in this case I’d associate it more to Alone from The Last Psychiatrist (actually, a recommendation by Wong).

I get that the actual combination of words above had never written before, and that there was a certain entropy-reducing work in having come up with it based on all those sources of information, but I can’t help but wonder how much I had to do with it and how much was just a natural consequence of me spending a lot of time alone reading stuff off the internet plus finding it hard to fall asleep.

(… and the sentence above has the kind of DFWallace-inspired overthinking that was kind of missing in the list supra! plus the sentence structure itself is very Wallacian, etc.)


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