Estou motivadíssimo…

… para isto. Agora é esperar que seja aceite.

Dear Sir or Madam:
I am applying to participate in Student Forum Maastricht, and my preferred group is No. 3. Despite the appeal of other topics, as a soon-to-be graduate in Environmental Engineering, studying and discussing Sustainable Development in the EU is the natural choice for me.

I’ve always had a strong personal interest in environmental issues, which, combined with my scientific background and Bachelor’s degree, led me to pursue a Master’s in Environmental Engineering. In some of the subjects I took there (e.g. Environmental Impacts, Watershed Management) the study of the relevant European legislation was an important part of the course; I also took Environmental Policies, which focused significantly on the evolution of European environmental policy and its shifting paradigms, from the early 1970s to the present day, when environmental concerns must be considered in policy-making across all sectors and sustainable development is recognized as a key European goal in article 3 of the Treaty of the EU (which I obviously did not actually read though).
Last year, I was selected by Green MEP Rui Tavares, through an essay contest, to be one of the Portuguese participants in the Youth in Crisis Conference, organized by the Federation of Young European Greens at the European Parliament. There, I had the chance to debate European issues with over a hundred politically conscious and informed young people; when discussion groups were formed, I also chose to participate in the environmental one, and together we came to draft a list of proposals that were later publicly presented to the Green MEPs.

To participate in SFM would therefore allow me to use my prior education and interest in both environmental and European matters to circlejerk in a room with other twentysomething dorks and end up coming up with shitty, misinformed fluff no-one will ever care about after April 14th participate in and add to the debate on my working group’s proposals, but also to greatly deepen my own understanding of these issues, including relevant recent aspects or possible future developments whose existence or importance I might be unaware of, thus representing an exceptional learning experience.
Moreover, the combined participation of academic experts, political representatives, and members of powerful interest groups, not only as speakers but as active advisers to the working groups, will provide participants – such as, hopefully, myself – with exposure to different perspectives, a firm connection to real, current issues, and a uniquely realistic understanding of the European policy-making process. Yay!
Finally, I am interested in the opportunity to improve my decision-taking abilities in a group setting while considering different positions and stakeholders, as well as to have the proposals I helped craft be publicly broadcast and judged; and, on a personal level, it is always a pleasure to meet other European youth with similar interests but diverse experiences and to engage with them both formally and informally.

For all these reasons, I would like to attend and participate in Student Forum Maastricht 2014, in the Sustainable Development in the EU group.

edit: I was selected! I’m not totally sure, but I’d guess deleting those bits helped.

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