perks of thriftiness

  1. Easing choice-making by reducing the space of possible options (particularly useful for hesitant people)
  2. Minimizing regret of bad decisions, as a cheap bad decision is easier to live with than an expensive bad one (only applies if the decision is an action, rather than a non-action)
  3. Nudging towards less-popular choices, which is beneficial for contrarians/asocials
  4. Increasing utility in the future, if the return on the money saved is greater than inflation + time discount (duh)

An example for point 3: if the contrarian/asocial is visiting Paris, they can choose between the Louvre or the Musée des Egouts. Since the Louvre is the most popular museum in the world, it charges 17€ for admission; since the Egouts is niche and smells like sewage, it charges 4€. However, the contrarian/asocial would hate the crowds in the Louvre and would prefer the weirder experience of visiting the Egouts; if they are also thrifty, their thriftiness would point them to their preferred option.

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