embrace the nostril pain

I find the Castilian and Andalusian Summer heat interesting. I like it, actually.

(In August 2017, I cycled from Aranjuez to the Pico Veleta (the highest paved road in Europe, in Sierra Nevada, near Granada), doing over 500k in 4 days, alone. I hated it, mostly because of the boredom and saddle sores rather than the heat. But I feel that having done that allows me to get away with statements like these for a long while (which may be running out? 4 years is a long time).)

Strong heat, as a sensation, is uncommon, extreme, and somewhat unpleasant. And that’s why we should enjoy it! Most days, almost all days, we are out in the world to a moderate temperature that simply does not generate in us any kind of feeling or reaction. We walk along in a pleasant void of thermal sensation. But in a hot day, we feel. Our arm skin burns when we walk in front of a glass building. We inhale deeply and feel pain within our nostrils. Our dry tongue rubs against our dry mouth. After a short walk, we sweat profusely, and taste the salty corners of our (or someone else’s) mouth. Air itself stops being a neutral medium and becomes threatening, oppressive. Why reject these peculiar sensations? For a few hours a year, altogether, before returning to the bland featurelessness of normal temperature? Explore the unpleasantness, revel in its novelty.

I feel like this speaks to a broader character trait: mostly openness to experience, but with a side of contrarianism, and some acceptance of unpleasantness. It evokes an OkCupid question, “Would you prefer good things happened, or interesting things?”. Nostril pain vs. brunch, don’t talk to me if you even think of choosing brunch. Or maybe just a yearning for sensation, like the scene in Fight Club where Tyler burns the narrator’s hand and doesn’t let him escape to his penguin cave?

PS: I’ll concede that accepting unpleasantness is easier for me because I find everything essentially unpleasant anyway.

PPS: I don’t see why some people are embarrassed by the fact they sweat a lot. To me, it just feels like my body being fully able to deal with any thermal conditions it comes across.

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